Cornfield Bakery Bread Course

Cornfield Bakery Bread Course

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This course is aimed at any keen baker. If you are a complete beginner, or if you are already a home-baker wishing to brush up on existing skills, this easy to follow, step by step guide will surely turn you into a confident baker. We will begin with an introduction to bread making including the science and history involved. We will then take you through a journey to create a full range of products from standard yeasted loaves to sourdough, focaccia, pizza bases, and more. Each section will be complete with a FAQ video, and we will also be on hand to answer any further questions you have via email.

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Cornfield Bakery Bread Course
  • Course Introduction

    Episode 1

    Welcome to the course! Watch this video before heading to the other sections; I will give a brief overview of the course structure and explain how to get the most out of the course.

  • Let's Talk Technical

    Episode 2

    Here Joe (my son) and I share our many years of knowledge about the science behind bread baking. We highly recommended you watch this clip before jumping into creating your bread; this information is key to perfecting your skills, preventing inconsistencies & helping you to troubleshoot later on....

  • The History Of Bread Making

    Episode 3

    Joe has always had a keen interest in the history of his bread making. Here he shares his knowledge, dating right back to the stone age.